Remembrance and a celebration of life for Yale Sterling Professor Ed Zigler (1930–2019)

Documentary. A Tribute to Edward Zigler 1930–2019: The man, his work, his legacy”

The celebration

My remembrance of Ed Zigler

  1. Conduct research that will inform policy advocacy
  2. Design, implement, and revise high-quality early childhood development programs
  3. Invest in building the next generation of scholars and advocates in child development

Be totally committed to the optimal development of each child.

Good parenting benefits the community, as well as the kids.

It is the environment that determines a considerable part of the growth and development of children.

My only agenda, the one that has guided me throughout my career, is to serve the best interests of children and families.

I believe officials have listened to me over the years because they see me as a scholar, not as an advocate who has some other agenda.



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Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC)

Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC)

We can build a just and peaceful world where all children are the stars of today and leaders of tomorrow.