World Refugee Day 2022: Hope for vulnerable children and families

Greeted by a volunteer, a refugee mother with two young children arrive from Turkey on the boat to the shore of the Greek island of Lesbos. Photo 65352914 / Refugee Children © Aleksandr Lutcenko |

World Refugee Day

Children on the move

Humanitarian response

  1. Yale Professor James F. Leckman, co-launched a global network of mental health care experts and researchers who are developing high-quality, trauma-informed, and scalable training materials for personnel working with refugee children and families.
  2. Implementing members have created resources to support child refugees, like Sesame Workshop, which created a series of multi-cultural, child-friendly resources on displacement and resettlement.
  3. UNICEF established Blue Dot hubs to offer refugee women and children, safety and essential services.
  4. The NGO Committee on Migration is advocating for initiatives, systems, and resettlement resources to better support refugees and migrants; in observance of World Refugee Day this year, they are calling on governments for a cohesive mechanism for refugee-focused policies and global compacts to work together.
  5. The International Step-by-Step Association (ISSA) Network has developed resources and materials for those working with children, parents, and caregivers of Ukraine, responding to their needs arising due to the war [video here].

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We can build a just and peaceful world where all children are the stars of today and leaders of tomorrow.

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Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC)

Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC)

We can build a just and peaceful world where all children are the stars of today and leaders of tomorrow.

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